Friday, September 30, 2016

when i say im sorry, what i really wanted to say was;

im sorry that everytime i said something mean, i couldnt say sorry immediately, bit my lips and turned the other way round feeling guilty knowing you deserve none of those words.

im sorry that i couldnt keep my hands away from you and then i blame you for wanting to see me often when its me who is out of control,

im sorry that everytime my heart wants to love you i stopped and reminded of all the bad things that youve done to me in the past,

im sorry that i promised you a chance to make me fall for you instead i took it as a chance to treat you as bad as i possibly could.

im sorry that your smile can melt my heart that i yelled at your face angrily because i didnt know how to respond to the sound my heart skipping its beat,

its been awhile since someone captured my feelings,
its been awhile since the last time i melted because of you,

and just like magic, you did it again
for certain, you'll do it again.

how heartbreaking it is that i keep letting you breaking my heart

while i was too busy putting every single blame on you,
while i was making you feel nothing but pain,
while i was making sure i was about to lose you,

the one who is tearing me apart is not you,

but me.

then i realized,

it was me who was at fault
it was me who was so selfish and keep hurting you,
it was me who wasnt willing to lose you, this time,

im sorry.

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