Saturday, February 4, 2017

"im not afraid anymore"

song playing: I wouldnt Mind - He is We

I have been trying so hard to put whatever feelings I have left for the dreamer I mentioned three posts earlier into words; I am still failing.

I guess I dont like the sentimental side of me anymore, or maybe not as much as I did before.

my friend asked me "why didnt you save any of you guys punya convo?"
I said so that I could lived the moments I had with him knowing I wouldnt be able to reminisce it in the future.

& is like god was helping me to remove traces of him, my iPhone was snatched. couldnt see the hikmah back then but now I totally understand why it was gone.

the night he told about his problem, he said "people come and they leave. as much as you want them to stay, they will, eventually, leave. like us, now we are friends and in three years time, you might not even remember my name, or my face" I was furious and I told him I am that type of a person. He shook his head and said "you will forget about me".

well, I still remember him. Yes, I might have forgotten the feelings he gave me, I might not remember the sound of his laughter (I still do), but I dont think I will ever forget him.

but I am assertive that I dont miss him at all.

to be continued, HAHA

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